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Hi im lesscontrolled and I make animations. It is that simple. XD

Age 31, Male

student... :[

Wellacre technology college

manchester, england

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lesscontrolled's News

Posted by lesscontrolled - May 18th, 2009

this will be my newest creation and is out soon.

iv bin working on it for about a month now and am hoping to have it done in a few months time due to delays with GCSE examinations and other stuff.

"If yoo were gay" is a song by Avenue Q, and I am animating a "music video" I guess yoo could call it! lol :P

..:: lesscontrolled ::..

Posted by lesscontrolled - March 31st, 2009

lines...2 passed judgement and I got many good reviews and quite a good score. thanks to all who voted and reviewed my work! XD

Posted by lesscontrolled - December 6th, 2008

this is a cry for help. I NEED IDEAS!!! my mind is blank and i cannot think of anything.... it aint gurd. :'(

IF anyone is kind enough to help me then could you please PM your idea to me OR comment on this "news post".



Posted by lesscontrolled - November 27th, 2008

i am beginning to make a new series and the character below need to be named. if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


"well this sucks..."

Posted by lesscontrolled - September 4th, 2008

i cannot think of a single animation to make. I NEED INSPIRATION!!!! any one care to help then just PM me or summit. Thanks for the help.


Posted by lesscontrolled - August 10th, 2008

lines 1 has been submitted and has passed judgement im happy to say.

watch it and foreward it to everyone you know. or tell people and vote fair!

- lesscontrolled -

Posted by lesscontrolled - August 3rd, 2008

woop woop lines test was accepted by you all. unexpected but thanks!!

the full lines animation is just about half way done now and i shall be submitting it within the next three weeks. it is in progress as we speak.


Posted by lesscontrolled - July 11th, 2008

Hi! mt first newgrounds submission is finally here and im pleased to say i got past judgement!

ye so please watch it and enjoy it as much as you can, vote and also tell your friends to vote!

Thanks loads!!

Posted by lesscontrolled - June 29th, 2008

hi im less controlled and im starting on my first full flash animation for you guys. its not gonna be the best you'll ever see but it should be ok. so ye thanks for reading. (if you have)(and if not then good on ya... ) lol