The Lonely Day

2008-07-11 04:13:57 by lesscontrolled

Hi! mt first newgrounds submission is finally here and im pleased to say i got past judgement!

ye so please watch it and enjoy it as much as you can, vote and also tell your friends to vote!

Thanks loads!!


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2008-07-27 06:07:44

lonely day was gr8 never been better except guns you know who this is

ha ha ha ha anyway your job is a student no its not
im kiddin cya later man



2008-07-27 14:02:10

the second secret is cool

lesscontrolled responds:

what second secret? is there even a first? lol PM a reply plz


2008-07-31 01:09:08

Haha, Banton has a newgrounds account?
I shall spam it withh death threats and cow porn. >:D

lesscontrolled responds:

LOOL!!! do that!!