i have no ideas what so ever...

2008-12-06 16:05:30 by lesscontrolled

this is a cry for help. I NEED IDEAS!!! my mind is blank and i cannot think of anything.... it aint gurd. :'(

IF anyone is kind enough to help me then could you please PM your idea to me OR comment on this "news post".




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2008-12-27 17:20:28

ive got an idea help me with blobby bob and make it 3d eh? but the first still needs music thn itll be on gud dragon animation i laughed at yur sound effects knowin its you hehe anyway think bout it keep tryin


2009-03-31 18:09:40

More "Lines!" :D

lesscontrolled responds:

i intend to if thats what people want too see!! XD