2009-03-31 18:52:30 by lesscontrolled

lines...2 passed judgement and I got many good reviews and quite a good score. thanks to all who voted and reviewed my work! XD


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2009-04-01 02:56:45

I've uploaded the conficker virus on the servers, this site should be going down by tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely day. Yours truly,

~ Clock-Ninja


2009-04-21 19:47:15

I just have to say the song in lines 2 sucks. As does all rap. Although Travis Barker doesn't. Neither does blink-182. (Are they actually gonna make a new cd?)

lesscontrolled responds:

i agree. I don't exactly like the song, it just seemed to fit. Plus all the crash cymbols because its TRAVIS BARKER!! WOOOO!!

errr im not too sure tbh. they mite be. ill look it up. XD